Boots & Browtines

I love you. You make me breathless and you never cease to amaze me. You still give me butterflies to this day. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my other half. I love waking you up in the mornings with a cup of coffee, a kiss and an attempt at an over easy egg. I try so hard to make mornings perfect but you eat the half-assed over easy egg that didn’t come out the way it was supposed to, just to keep me from crying. And I love you for that, and I promise to work on it. I love you even when we argue, because we argue I know that you think I am worth fighting for. I love the way your eyes look when the sun catches them just right, illuminating your green irises. I love hearing you whisper my name at 2 am, when the house is quiet and I never want the night to end. But most importantly, I love you when you hold me, when I’m bawling my eyes out at my absolute worst, to when I’m having a good day and we’re being silly and laughing. I love you theredrocket17. 

please be courteous this 4th. of July if you have a veteran in your neighborhood 

Love my guy. :) theredrocket17

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One word can sum her up, perfection.

I’m mentally drained, the past few days have done nothing but destroy my trust in people.